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Resources, docs and statistics

Read the white papers

Here the cryptocoin documentation. These white papers provides an overview of the security practices and technology that support locked grade security with the Neoscrypt technology.


Get the stats and stay informed. Follow the Ufocoin in the most important statistics sites and stay tuned about the exchange price, and don't miss the opportunity to take profit with Ufocoin.

Take a look to Neoscrypt

Don't forget to check out our YouTube video for a Neoscrypt explanation. Don't miss this opportunity to understand the Neoscrypt technicals that reinforces what you know about the Ufocoin cryptocoin.

Explore the source

We love open source software (OSS) and believe strongly in contributing back to the OSS community. Our repository is “public” in GitHub, you’ll analyze it without costing you a dime. Now and forever!

About the neoscrypt features

  • Ufocoin has now hard forked to use the NeoScrypt hashing algorithm in an effort to remain within the realm of GPU mining and keep away from ASIC production in the near future. NeoScrypt uses very strong elements compared to the current version of Scrypt which has already been broken by differential analysis. This affords better protection than blending different hashing solutions together. Our philosophy is that decentralization should be the main drive for the crypto protocol and thus everyone should be able the join the network and be part of it, not just the owners of expensive hardware.

    Jenny Carery
  • Together with the great community built around Neoscrypt, we pledge to do everything within our range to advance the underlying technology and make it more secure, accessible and fun overall. There are many ideas and plans on the drawing board and they are coming soon. Neoscrypt was just the first step. Hats off to all the people who kept involved in this and made it possible!".

    GhostLander - Neoscrypt Chief Developer
  • Since the 26th July 2014, NeoScrypt it's the latest proof of work (PoF) algorithm to hit the cryptocurrency world. It has been designed as an "ASIC-resistant" algorithm for GPU and CPU miners. Alt-coins that adopt NeoScrypt are Ufocoin, Phoenixcoin and Feathercoin.

    Terry Larman - FTC Community

Focus and more information

UFOCoin Story

From a Joke to a Strong Coin

Ufocoin was originally launched in January 2014, and has been completely revamped on July 2nd 2015. Ufocoin’s algorithm has changed from Scrypt to NeoScrypt, which is an improved version of Scrypt. NeoScrypt is 30% more energy efficient than Scrypt, and ASIC resistant. ASICs have taken over Scrypt mining, making it unprofitable for GPU/CPU miners to Scrypt. NeoScrypt is somewhat similar to X11, in the sense that X11 makes mining more profitable for GPU/CPU miners and is more energy efficient. X11 has become extremely popular this year following the release of Scrypt ASICs, since all the GPU/CPU miners are flocking to X11.

Nite’s Gravity implemented

To be more strong

Additionally, Ufocoin have implemented Nite’s Gravity Well, which allows for rapid response to hash rate changes. This help to prevent multipools from ruining mining profits. A multipool is a large collection of miners who mine the most profitable coin at any given time. With Nite’s Gravity Well the payouts for Ufocoin per MH/s will rapidly drop when a multipool starts mining Ufocoin, which will force the multipool to mine something else. Then payouts rapidly increase when the multipool leaves, benefiting Ufocoin GPU/CPU miners.

Warp attack keep out...

Powerfull and chain protected

The last release of Ufocoin make the chance of a time warp attack negligible. During a time warp attack the difficulty is reduced below where it should be, allowing the attacker to mine coins much faster than they should be able to. Also, Ufocoin have the automatic checkpointing set to a low depth, which prevent transaction rollbacks via a 51% attack. Thus, Ufocoin is much more resistant to 51% attacks and time warps, making it a very safer and strong cryptocurrency.

A new block every 115 seconds

Speed easy and fast nature

There will be 4 billion Ufocoins in TOTAL (4,000,000,000), with 1250 coins per block and a new block every 115 seconds. Every 400,000 blocks the block reward halves. Currently Ufocoin is in the last end of the mining travel, we know many halvings have occurred. One of the firsts update was occurred at block 160,997 via an hard fork, but this is the glorious past.

Pools warming up...

Ufocoin’s hash rate is small

There are several pools where you can mine Ufocoin, and currently the network hash rate is 5 MH/s. This represents a significant amount of mining power, equivalent to 100 small ASICs. However, relative to other cryptocurrencies Ufocoin’s hash rate is small to medium. It is probable that Ufocoin’s hash rate will increase in the future. Ufocoin now actively being traded on 1 exchange site, but we expect to place it in other sites, this is the immediate target to reach in the interest of the Ufocoin holders, the real Ufocoin community.

May be a floating coin

The future in our hands

The Ufocoin developers and the Ufocoin Team, hopes to setting up with the coin a help for renewables energies and technologies, as well as other projects like security, nanotech and "long life research" which are trying to do a better world, making Ufocoin the first-aids in science technologies. Considering that Ufocoin has a strong neoscrypt base and it's scheduled to make some revolutionary changes in the middle period, we think it’s worth mining and investing.

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